BPO and IT Outsourcing Specialist


Winprotech has developed the core capabilities and expertise necessary to extend our financial services offering. The proven processing capabilities of our BPO team enable us to help our clients to maximize efficiency, save cost and access highly talented and experienced offshore professionals enabling them to focus on decision-making and business outcomes.

With clients from various industry verticals, from across the globe and having different accounting systems, Winprotech has been providing services ranging from transaction processing to end-to-end solutions since 2007, including Process Specific Services and End-to-End processing.

Here we offer the flexibility to the client to pick and choose the specific processes that suits their requirements or can even opt for all the services like few of our clients have. This suits for clients who want to outsource full or part of finance & accounting back office to Winprotech.

Our Finance and Accounting services include

General Accounting

Winprotech General Accounting includes : Expense Accruals Fixed Assets Accounting Inventory and Supply Chain Accounting Closing and Group Consolidation Account Reconciliations Accruals and Reserves Journal Entries

Accounts Payables

Winprotech end-to-end AP processes involves: Document Management Scanning Invoice processing Approval and Resolution Management Helpdesk Disbursement Internal/external reporting

Accounts Receivables

Winprotech provide end to end back office support for AR processing, enabling clients to effectively receive money from customers in line with payment terms which is critical to provide healthy levels of working capital and cash flow. The process include: Credit Analysis Customer Billing Cash Application Collection GL Posting & Reporting

Accounts Closing & Reporting

By optimizing closing cycles; facilitating timely capitalization of fixed assets; and reducing manual journals, open item reconciliations, and intercompany mismatches,we help clients to avoid costly surprises with seamless processes that support a holistic, detailed view into real-time operations.

Regulatory Reporting

Winprotech makes sure the timely and accurate filing of regulatory reports. Data collected from regulatory reports facilitate early identification of problems that can threaten the safety and soundness of the organisation; ensure timely implementation of the prompt corrective action provisions required by law; and serve other legitimate supervisory purposes. Certain regulatory report information is used for public disclosure so investors, depositors, and creditors can better assess the financial condition of the reporting banks.

Compliance & Audits

Effective compliance management can protect you against potential litigation, financial implications and reputational damages.

We make ensure and demonstrate compliance with internal and external standards, legislations, procedures and codes of conduct while providing instant and real-time visibility of the compliance profile of your entire organization.

Winprotech Audit & Compliance team enables the scheduling, planning, and conducting of audits/assessments, the subsequent identification of non-conformances, and triggering and tracking of recommendations for improvement.


For the clients who have a very strong sales & marketing department and needs an end to end back office support for sales order processing. We at Winprotech will study client’s setup and assist to optimise before providing end to end outsourcing services which will reduce costly errors, increase collections, enhance customer experience, enabling clients to effectively receive money from customers in line with payment terms which is critical to provide healthy levels of working capital and cash flow. TheO2C process to include

  • Credit Analysis
  • Customer information maintenance
  • Billing & related query handling
  • Cash Application
  • Collections analysis and reporting
  • Ledger Posting and Reporting


    For clients who have a very strong Purchasing / Procurement department and needs an end to end back office support to ensure smooth P2P process. Winprotech P2P process ensures the client to have direct and indirect strategic advantages like to develop collaboration & relationship with suppliers, reduce purchase order & invoice processing errors, reduce cost per transaction , reduce lengthy reconciliations & payments cycles, effective & efficient problem resolution. Below are the key areas that we provide service in P2P

  • Supplier information Management
  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Good Receipt & PO reconciliations
  • Supplier Payment and related Query handling
  • Supplier Payment and related Query handling
  • Ledger Posting and Reporting

  • Benefits of Finance and Accounting outsourcing services

  • Companies can focus on their core strengths for business growth and improvements
  • Compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Prevent loss of cash and funds from inaccurate book keeping
  • Automate complex and voluminous processes
  • Cost Savings
  • Access large, skilled, and viable labor pool
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Get the work done in quick turn-around-time
  • Enjoy the benefits of advanced collaboration capabilities
  • Improve customer satisfaction through efficient and timely processing of requests, service changes, and projects
  • Free themselves from the hassles of managing employees and records