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Total Accounting Solution For Retail


Do-IT is a virtual workspace designed for Organizations to Access and Control Information and Manage user information right from the Owner, CEO, multi Unit manager, Store Manager to the Sales Associates.

Do-IT gives an instant Macro view of the entire Business such as Daily POS Cash flow, Daily Sales, Revenues, Purchase, Vendors and Expenses. By inputting 20% of the work, 80% of the results can be achieved. From Sales Register IN OUT, Daily Vendor entries provides instant Profit & Loss and Trial balance reports.

POS Business Solution For Retail


Repos is one stop solution for the current retail industry which have multiple outlets operating.

Some of the salient features

  • Provision for Employees to record their attendance
  • Inventory Management
  • Outlets to record their sales
  • Management information report generations
  • Manage customer information
  • Biometric Attendance Integration

    Repos is real-time POS which helps management to have macro view on sales, inventory information for the day by sitting anywhere in the world.

    Clinical Data Analysis For Clinical Research


    CDA is a clinical research project on Obesity Speciality.CDA is integrated with around 100 hospitals all over Asia .The patients’ information in all the hospitals are entered in to this application every day.

    A dedicated team of Clinical Research coordinators work on the data entry and collect the information from the patients. Once information of patients are obtained CDA application process the data and generates different graphs and reports for the patients. This information is used for research on Obesity Treatment by different companies and hospitals.

    Enterprises Business Solution For Retail Sector


    Designed to facilitate the administration and optimization of internal business processes across an enterprise. The dedicated system offers cross-functional capabilities to the organization. It also caters to the different business functions such as accounting, marketing, strategic management and the human resource management

    Some of the salient features

  • EPOS(Electronic Point Of Sales)
  • Attendance Management System
  • Invoicing system
  • Human Resource Management
  • Legislation compliance
  • Total Accounting Solution
  • MIS reports
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM